We are very efficient in removing dust, dirt and mites from your upholstered furniture by dry cleaning at your home. The furniture will dry in a few hours.

There are infinite variations of models and details of some pieces of furniture. Our highly qualified personnel will take into consideration the quality of the furniture material, especially of upholstery, to make sure not to damage your furniture.

Deep cleaning and washing of furniture (chairs, armchairs, two-seaters or three-seaters) efficiently removes dust, mites, soil and other dirt from the furniture or carpet.

The service of deep washing and cleaning of furniture is done by the extractor. It is a machine with the suction system and the extraction fluid which is injected into the furniture, at the same time suctioning the dirt out. The furniture and other items that are cleaned in this way remain wet for a few hours afterwards.

We can provide the service of deep washing and cleaning at your place.

Results after washing:

    • The furniture smells fresh and looks as if it were just bought
    • The colour of the fabric is more vivid and the patterns are more prominent
    • The surface is softer when touched
    • Dog or cat hairs disappear, as well as their smell
    • Dog or cat hairs disappear, as well as their smell

Give new looks and splendour to your old furniture!

The professional agents that we use are eco and bio-friendly, as well as antibacterial and antiallergic.